Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2012 12:07:55

Author: --- "David Sturm"

Subject: Re: Odd Request!!


In certain parts of the Southern U.S., "sundries" was used on signs
at pharmacies that carried certain male contraceptive devices that
weren't mentioned in polite company. Probably shouldn't set those
out on the counter, lest your local chapter of the Rightwing object!

If you have a copy of the novel _The Sundered_ you could set that out?

Or maybe sun-dried (sun-dry) tomatoes? Grape tomatoes are kind of

I presume ss doesn't refer to Nazi balls, but stainless steel? I usually
prefer mine nickel-plated. (And for a nickel....)

David writes:
>Here is your odd demo request for the day:
>- Various and sundry ball/ramp combos (wood, ss balls)
>I laughed when I read this request. Let me think, I have at least 8
>ramps and dozens of other things that could be used as ramps and
>hundreds of balls, of all sizes and materials ..... Hummm! What should I
>use today!!! ;-D
>However, My question is how often is "sundry" used?
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