Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 17:42:19

Author: --- James Coburn

Subject: Re: Rainbow Symphony Group Purchase?!?



I would be interested in 2,000.

James M. Coburn
Teaching Laboratory Supervisor
& Demonstration Specialist
Department of Physics
Utah State University

On Mar 20, 2012, at 11:46 AM, Oregon Physics Demo Room wrote:

> Hello Everybody!
> Happy Tuesday!
> No surprise to me, I was wildly optimistic in my anticipation of a
> price break for a bulk purchase. Mark, the owner of Rainbow
> Symphony, said that for the work that goes into making these custom
> glasses - including ensuring proper orientation of the gratings -
> and the higher cost of the linear gratings, he can't go any cheaper
> than 25 cents apiece for a bulk purchase.
> That being said, 25 cents is still a great deal for glasses that
> would otherwise be almost double that. Also, the handheld glasses
> have greater longevity if you choose to re-use them, because they
> don't have the awkward ear flaps (?) that get all bent up.
> He did make clear that "each sheet printed has 26,000 glasses" is
> complete hogwash, and that whichever employee told me so was wrong.
> So as long as there are a good deal of us interested, the sky is the
> limit.
> With that, let's get started with round two of Who's Interested In A
> Bulk Purchase! In the left corner we have…
> Regards,
> Ben Wright
> Oregon Physics