Date: Thu, 02 Feb 2012 17:21:13

Author: Borislaw Bilash II

Subject: Re: radiation


While crossing from Canada into the US a few years ago I asked the US border
guard about the imposing yellow arches that cars had to pass through. They
said they were radiation detectors. They said that they often detected the
radiation given off by the radioactive seeds inside a person's prostate
while the person drives through the arch. He said it happened quite often.

Anthony, perhaps the parent only needs to pass through a border check point
or take the violin into an airport.



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I was wondering if anyone could help with this:

Our science department got this email from a parent at my school:

My daughter is a middle school student. We are considering buying her a
violin that was made in Japan in 2011, during the nuclear disaster. For our
peace of mind, we would like to have it tested to ensure that it is not

Should the parents worry? Could a Geiger counter detect anything?

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