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Author: --- John Welch

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Ours is a combo of homemade and Pasco. We use their photogate and
Monkey-Hunter circuitry to drop the target, but we made our own
blow-gun for the gun. It's a 1" clear acrylic tube with a plastic ball
that just fits inside it. It's nice and low tech and you can shoot the
ball a lot farther than any commercial launcher - and you have a lot of
control of ball speed. I just attach a Pasco photogate to the end of
the tube with a hose clamp and bracket.
-John Welch

Anthony Lapinski wrote:

Ever thought of making your own? All you need are a few pieces of wood, a
hinge, copper pipe, wood dowel, rubber band, clamps, variac, long
extension cord, alligator clips, and some U-shaped metal. I can
laser-sight my target (stuffed monkey), and it works great! Plus, the kids
like the fact that it's low-tech, the target is funny, and reinforces
freefall/projectile concepts. writes:

Hi Tap-l,

Our monkey and hunter demo is on its last leg, and I want to replace it
with one of the commercial models. Do any of you have a preference
among what’s out there?


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