Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 18:14:24

Author: --- "David Sturm"

Subject: Tuesday night PIRA??


While participating remotely via the Internet at the Ontario meeting,
I noticed the program has the curiosity of:

5:307 p.m. PIRA 107C

Which is very interesting, as PIRA only runs a business meeting
by our bylaws at the Summer Meeting.

My apologies, that as part of the Paper Sort Team for Ontario,
I missed that insertion in the schedule for the WM2012. However,
on the GOOD side, that means the AAPT Program Chair rubric
that David Cook worked so hard on has the PIRA meeting
permanently in the listing.

Does anyone on site know of any notice about the time set aside?

If not, I'd encourage everyone there to gather and make a
crackerbarrel/smoker/talker out of it! Introduce each other,
shake hands, exchange business cards, etc. Perhaps the SCPTA
gang have some ideas... Doug? Annie? Martin? Angella?

I don't know who of the officers might be out there... anyway.
Seems like people might drop by wondering where we are!


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