Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2011 16:50:14

Author: Dan Beeker

Subject: Re: Switch


You might consider one of these - TUV rather than
UL listed.

As I read the replies I am wondering. Although
the apparatus is designed to produce high voltages one should not
be getting shocked simply by flipping a switch. Is the problem really too much current causing the
switch to destroy itself through arching, or are you getting a
high voltage spike from the apparatus being fed back to the mains?
Or perhaps both? If it is a high voltage spike you might want to
consider some power input filtering (albeit in this case it is
really output filtering), a better ground, overvoltage protection
etc. Just want to make sure you understand the true source of the
problem - safety first.


On 12/7/11 4:05 PM, William Beaty wrote:
On Tue, 6 Dec 2011, Zani, Gerald wrote:

Where can I buy a beefy, Heavy Duty
In-Line Lamp Cord style AC switch that

can safely handle ~750 Watts (~100 amps @110VAC) or something as
close as

possible to this power rating?

We use these for all our vacuumm pumps:

13A line cord switch, SJ ext. cord #16 ga, 10ft

Remember, always ask Grainger for education discount.

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