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The easiest way is to direct them to the TAP-L archives. There is a link
there on how to sign up. They can also contact me directly.


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There is a lab tech here at Baldwin Wallace College who I would like him to
join Tap-L. How can he join? Been so long since I joined I do not remember

Have a Great Day

On Nov 8, 2011, at 2:18 AM, "Brian Holton" wrote:

> 1. And I am serious - put the water in the house, bring it out when
> you need it (cheapest solution.) 2. What is your budget?
> 3. Running a 100' extension cord and using a little electric heater
> would be your second cheapest solution 4. Why?
> 5. If it is to water the chickens, then you should have heat in your
> chicken house already.
> Need more boundary condition info to solve your problem.
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> I am wondering if anyone can help with this, from our garden club:
> We're looking to keep 2 gallons max of water from freezing. We do
> have a power outlet in the chicken house with an extension cord, but
> the closest grid power source is about 100' away.
> Could the water be heated with a solar cell grid? Not sure what area
> would be needed, or where we can buy the "most efficient" solar cells.
> Any help would be much appreciated.