Date: Mon, 07 Nov 2011 13:30:41

Author: --- Jerry DiMarco

Subject: Re: Chemistry Demonstrator Organizations


The webpage linked below appears to be from a previous attempt to
catalog chemistry demonstrations.

It says the software program is out of print, but I can't believe they
would let this database disappear. You can probably still track it
down. Whatever the case, someone has a lot of work ahead of them...


At 11/7/2011 01:20 PM, you wrote:
>Hi Tappers,
>Here at RU, the Dept. of Chemistry has just hired a new staff member who
>intends to do for chem demos what I've done for physics demos here in our
>RU Dept. of Physics and Astronomy (insert pun here).
>Anyway, in your respective institutions, do you know if your Chem Dept has
>someone who already performs this function? Does anyone know of a
>Chemistry lab/demonstrator organization which exists which is comparable
>to PIRA and/or listserv like tap-l? Does anyone have a list of favorite
>chem demo books or other resources you could share with or guide me to?
>Anything else about this topic which you could share with me if you know
>off it?
>Thanks in advance for any/all assistance.