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Subject: Re: Vernier ULI's-- old usb? Also Radiation...


The GoLink! is an inexpensive one sensor at a time choice. I've tried it and like it quite a bit. They work with force sensors, temperature probes and many other sensors. The motion detectors do not work on the GoLink!, but there is a usb version of the motion detector.
I have a bunch of old ULI stuff at work. I'll check to see if anything I've got would be helpful for you.
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Subject: Re: [tap-l] Vernier ULI's-- old usb? Also Radiation...

I'm not very familiar with those ULIs, but I had thought they were
pre-USB, serial-port only devices. There are serial-to-usb
adapters, but not every version works well for interfaces. Some
info from vernier that might be useful:

The Vernier Labpro has both USB and serial connections
(and BTA inputs). They can usually be found on ebay for around
$100 or so.

You might want to take a look at the new Labquest Mini, which
does a lot of what the Labpro does and is $150, new. It
needs a relatively new version of Logger Pro, though.

Vernier has a decent selection of adapters, most for $5:


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> Subject: [tap-l] Vernier ULI's-- old usb? Also Radiation...
> Any one have the first generation ULI that had a USB connection? I believe
> it was in a white box and had a power supply as well. I think I'll need the
> BT plug to 5 (6?7?) pin round connector to mate the various probes with the
> unit. But it would be great if someone had a few I could bargain for.