Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 16:09:38

Author: --- "Rueckner, Wolfgang"

Subject: Re: Image Current Demo


Just tried it. It works remarkably well!

On Oct 24, 2011, at 3:54 PM, Adam Beehler wrote:

> I have an instructor that tends to believe we ought to be able to put
> together a demo showing "image currents." This is what he proposed to
> me. Run a current-carrying wire along the surface of a ferromagnetic
> plate/sheet. If the current is high enough, then there will be a force
> between the current-carrying wire and its "image current" running
> parallel to it in the ferromagnetic surface just next to it. This would
> need to be a whole lot of amps, like 500-1000!
> So...has anybody tried anything like this? Is there wire that can
> handle such currents for brief moments, yet not be so bulky that the
> attractive forced created is outweighed by the wire's bulk? I need
> help, please.
> Adam Beehler