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And here are the "culprits":

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> Ok, pour yourself a nice glass of red wine. Then clear the room of sharp objects that you may be tempted to use to poke out your eyes after reading this. Here's the latest vocabulary review from the Fourth grade science book.... ugh....
> Relative Motion: the change in one object's position compared to another object's fixed position
> Frame Of Reference: the objects you use to detect motion
> Speed: the rate at which an object changes position
> Velocity: both the speed and direction of a moving object
> Force: any push or pull
> Friction: a force that acts when two surfaces rub together
> Gravity: a force with (sic) makes objects pull toward each other
> Work: the ability to move something
> Kinetic Energy: the energy of motion
> Potential Energy: stored energy
> 1. The ____ of a plane is different when it takes off than when it lands.
> 2. How an object seems to move depends on your ______.
> 3. ____ is the energy used to pick up a package.
> 4. You create ____ when you rub your hands together to keep them warm.
> 5. A swing going back and forth has ____.
> 6. Whether an object is moving or not depends on its _________.
> 7. A stretched rubber band has _______.
> 8. The _____ of sound is 1,190 kilometers per hour.
> 9. _____ keeps us from floating away into space.
> 10. It takes a lot of _____ to stop an airplane.
> Scott Foresman Science
> See Learning in a whole new light
> Copyright 2006 Pearson Education, Inc.
> ISBN 0-328-14962-4
> Scott Foresman Science, See Learning in a Whole New Light (Indiana) (9780328149629): Dr. Timothy Cooney, Dr. Diane Lapp, Barbara Foots, Dr. James Flood, Dr. M. Jenice Goldston: Books