Date: Mon, 09 May 2011 13:48:45

Author: --- David Maiullo

Subject: Nat Geo Channel Show-Humanly Impossible


Hi Tappers,

Happy end of the semester to you all (at least, it is for me...)!

A bit of news, I'll be on this show tonight:

I know, typecast, right? Yes, the show is called Humanly Impossible,
but it's really a show of "stupid human tricks", i.e., sideshow act
stunts and crazy human feats. Along with a team of scientists and Dr's,
we investigate how people are able to perform these "tricks" and survive.

It was all filmed last June, but the first one will be broadcast
tonight. I'm only on one 15 minute segment for this particular
episode, but will be on most of the next couple episodes (no, I don't
know when they are scheduled to be on yet).

Also on with me is John Kenney from Pasco, as Pasco was nice enough to
provide us with much of the apparatus we used on the show to test
various forces and temps, etc, as these people performed their acts.
And John looks great on screen in those Hawaiian shirts!

Any feedback is welcome!