Date: Wed, 04 May 2011 20:31:04

Author: --- Gregory Puskar

Subject: Re: Sky and Telescope microfilms


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=3Cdiv style=3D=22font-size=3A 16px=3B font-family=3A =27times new roman=
=27=22=3E=3Cdiv=3EIf he has not contacted you=2C I think Greg Good at AI=
P History Center might be interested=2E=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv =3E=3Cbr/=3E=3C/=
div=3E=3Cdiv=3EGreg=3Cbr /=3E=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EOn 05/04/11=2C =3Cb clas=
s=3D=22name=22=3EGeorge Weremczuk =3C/b=3E=26lt=3BGweremczuk=40tru=2Eca=26=
gt=3B wrote=3A=3C/div=3E=3Cblockquote cite=3D=22mid=3A4DC1747D=2E4C67=2E=
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=22cite=22=3E=3Cdiv class=3D=22mimepart text plain=22=3EDuring some spri=
ng cleaning in our prep area this morning=2C we discovered a box full of=
=26quot=3BSky and Telescope=26quot=3B microfilm reels covering volumes =
1 to 28=2C November 1941 to December 1964=2C produced by Xerox Universit=
y Microfilms=2C Ann Arbor=2C Michigan=2E They appear to be unviewed and =
in excellent condition=2E We don=27t have a microfilm viewer and so have=
no use for these=2E Would anyone be interested in them=3F=3Cbr /=3E=3Cb=
r /=3E=3Cbr /=3EGeorge Weremczuk=3Cbr /=3EPhysics Lecturer and Teaching =
Assistant Supervisor=3Cbr /=3EDepartment of Physical Sciences=3Cbr /=3ET=
hompson Rivers University=3Cbr /=3EBox 3010=3Cbr /=3EKamloops=2C BC V2C =
0C8=3Cbr /=3EPhone (250)828-5448=3Cbr /=3E=3Cbr /=3E=3Cbr /=3E=3Cbr /=3E=

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