Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 12:01:23

Author: Gregory Puskar

Subject: Re: Paper Copies of TPT


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=3Cdiv style=3D=22font-family=3A =27times new roman=27=3B font-size=3A 1=
6px=22=3E=3Cdiv=3EHi Dave=2C=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv =3E=3Cbr/=3E=3C/div=3E=3Cdi=
v=3E=A0 Do you have specific vol=2E =26amp=3B =23=27s=3F=A0 The current =
plan is to send the past 5 years=27 issues to someone with a=A0need in A=
frica=2E=A0 Another person has requested the covers (only)=A0of issues t=
hat are to be discarded=2E=A0 Would be happy to provide specific numbers=
so as to balance the needs of of others=2E=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv =3E=3Cbr/=3E=
=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EGreg=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EOn 05/29/11=2C =3Cb class=3D=22=
name=22=3Edavid kardelis =3C/b=3E=26lt=3Bdkardelis=40gmail=2Ecom=26gt=3B=
wrote=3A=3C/div=3E=3Cblockquote cite=3D=22mid=3ABANLkTin16F8MLW0+=5FXSg=
iXcTvShD54aHXA=40mail=2Egmail=2Ecom=22 class=3D=22iwcQuote=22 style=3D=22=
border-left=3A =2300f 1px solid=3B padding-left=3A 13px=3B margin-left=3A=
0px=22 type=3D=22cite=22=3E=3Cdiv class=3D=22mimepart text html=22=3EI=27=
d like some or all if need be=2E I am missing a few issues=2E I have an =
almost complete set from Vol 1 Issue 1=3Cbr /=3E=3Cbr /=3Edave=3Cbr /=3E=
=3Cbr /=3E=3Cdiv class=3D=22gmail=5Fquote=22=3EOn Sun=2C May 29=2C 2011 =
at 11=3A58 AM=2C Gregory Puskar =3Cspan dir=3D=22ltr=22=3E=26lt=3Bgpuska=
r=40mix=2Ewvu=2Eedu =26lt=3Bgpuskar=40mix=2Ewvu=2Eedu=26gt=3B=26gt=3B=3C=
/span=3E wrote=3A=3Cbr /=3E=3Cblockquote class=3D=22gmail=5Fquote=22 sty=
le=3D=22border-left=3A =23ccc 1px solid=3B margin=3A 0px 0px 0px 0=2E8ex=
=3B padding-left=3A 1ex=22=3E=3Cdiv=3EHi=2C=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3E=3Cbr /=3E=
=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3E=A0=A0 Our department will be moving to new building =
over the next several months=2E=A0 I need to pare the movables to a mini=
mum=2E=A0 Although back issues of TPT are available online now=2C I wond=
ered if anyone would be interested in paper copies=3F=A0 I have issues b=
ack to 1992=2E=A0 They are=A0generally=A0all in good condition=2E=A0 I a=
m open to any mode of distribution - by year(s)=2C individual issue=2C w=
hatever=2E=A0 First come=2C first serve=2E=A0 All I ask is you pay posta=
ge=2E=A0 Any issues remaining after July 11 will be trashed=2E=3C/div=3E=
=3Cdiv=3E=3Cbr /=3E=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EGreg=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3E=3Cbr /=3E-=
- =3Cbr /=3E=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3E=3Cdiv=3EGregory Puskar=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3E=
Academic Laboratory Manager=A0=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EPhysics Department=A0=3C=
/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EWest Virginia University=A0=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EPO Box 631=
5=A0=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EMorgantown=2C WV=A0 26506=A0=3C/div=3E=3C/div=3E=3C=
/blockquote=3E=3C/div=3E=3Cbr /=3E=3C/div=3E=3C/blockquote=3E=3C/div=3E=3C=
div=3E=3Cbr /=3E-- =3Cbr /=3E=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3E=3Cdiv=3EGregory Puskar=3C=
/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EAcademic Laboratory Manager=A0=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EPhysics=
Department=A0=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EWest Virginia University=A0=3C/div=3E=3C=
div=3EPO Box 6315=A0=3C/div=3E=3Cdiv=3EMorgantown=2C WV=A0 26506=A0=3C/d=

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fn:Gregory P Puskar
org:West Vurginia University;Physics
adr:;;PO Box 6315;Morgantown;WV;26506;
title:Lab Manager


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