Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 13:37:06

Author: Brian Holton

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Mcmaster Carr sells glass epoxies. My experience with fish tanks, being a
fish keeper, is that once they leak, they keep leaking - sooner rather than
later. You probably move yours around a lot - fish tanks do not like this.
I am often amazed at how glass fish tanks don't leak when you look at how
they are constructed. So, when I get a leak, I replace the tank, since I
can't take chances with my fishies.

You might try some marine caulk
fe_Life_Calk_White_Sealant_2_8_oz if it's good for the harsh salt water
environment, gas and kerosene it's probably good for short term pine-sol.

Or, perhaps it is time for a new acrylic one?

Just a thought.

Brian Holton

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My 40 gal. fish tank has sprung a leak for the second time. Anyone know of
a glass epoxy that will stand up to the Pine-Sol that I put in it for optics

U of Iowa

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