Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 16:29:43

Author: Dan Beeker

Subject: Re: old analog meters


I'm always on the hunt for simpson and similar brand
3" or larger analog meters. Especially if they are in the
following ranges:

DC Ammeters
100 mA
300 mA
500 mA
1 A

DC Voltmeters

We really emphasize the difference in how the meters are connected
in the labs. They work well and save the frustration of explaining
what the other ten positions on the multimeter dial are about (we
do get to that but not 'til much later in the course).

By the way, I have a nice ammeter protection circuit our
electronics guru designed to elliminate blown fuses. If anyone is
interested I'll try and remember to bring one to the summer
meeting. It's pretty neat.


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Are they worth anything? We have a lot of old ammeters and voltmeters mace by
Welch Scientific, Weston, STANSI, etc.


Dan Beeker
Indiana University

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