Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 16:19:32

Author: Dan Beeker

Subject: Re: 14 cm tall 50g mass hanger - where to get?


Sargent Welch lists two hangers. One is 50g and is
about 22 cm high. Way too tall. The other is indeed a 5g aluminum
hanger. I bought both just to make sure one wasn't what I needed,
I mean wanted. Neither was. ; (

The 5 g hanger actually isn't such a bad thing. It is aluminum,
about 10 cm tall and fairly robust considering its mass. But I
have some 150 50g hangers and need another 50 or so. Guess I'll
have the shop make them as one thing I've learned over the years
is to not mix and max components in the labs. It leads to all
kinds of unintended consequences. And I'm not about to replace all
fifty plus mass sets that we currently have.

But thanks for the suggestion.


On 5/25/11 2:03 PM, Erich Burton wrote:

Sargent Welch lists a 8.5cm mass hanger, but either the description
is wrong (it says 5g mass) or it is not the one pictured:

Dan Beeker wrote:

We have 50g brass mass hangers that are about 14 cm tall. The ones I find in
the catalogs are grossly too tall to fit our apparatti. Does anyone have a
source for the shorter mass hangers?

Dan Beeker


Dan Beeker

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