Date: Tue, 3 May 2011 08:17:56 -

Author: --- Paul

Subject: Re: Mouthing LN2 Re(2): Liquid Nitrogen and Ice cream


We need a "like" button on here, David.

On May 3, 2011, at 8:04 AM, David Sturm wrote:

> Chuck: No, please no. Sipping LN2 is just too risky. A cough, a trip,
> and that you can't control nearby people, make it an uncomfortable
> issue. And spitting it out at people creates so many unpredictable
> trajectories.
> Sorry, but I would never sanction or recommend this to any colleague.
> I'd even leave the stage if it were attempted...
> even if it creates hard feelings and anger and leaves someone
> annoyed with me forever and costs me a grant or two down the road.
> Using shortbread cookies or graham cracker gets the same
> general vapor-out-the-nose effect. Or modifying a small thermos
> bottle so there is a permanent hole for air escape, and then using
> the normal spout to breathe in water vapor condensing off the top
> of some LN2.
> Much safer and controllable ways.
> David
> writes:
>> DEFINITELY not a good idea if you have paranoid Bio Prof's in the
>> area or if you don't keep your research dewars clean.
>> _*I*_ worry a lot more about bio hazards than cryogenic hazards.
>> But - familiarity breeds.
>> Gimma nice cool sip of LN2 anytime.
>> (Keep your mouth wet, use a styrofoam cup and DON't swallow!!!)
>> It WON't crack your teeth - in spite of what Jearl Walker will say)
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