Date: Tue, 03 May 2011 09:04:58

Author: --- "David

Subject: Mouthing LN2 Re(2): Liquid Nitrogen and Ice cream


Chuck: No, please no. Sipping LN2 is just too risky. A cough, a trip,
and that you can't control nearby people, make it an uncomfortable
issue. And spitting it out at people creates so many unpredictable

Sorry, but I would never sanction or recommend this to any colleague.
I'd even leave the stage if it were attempted...
even if it creates hard feelings and anger and leaves someone
annoyed with me forever and costs me a grant or two down the road.

Using shortbread cookies or graham cracker gets the same
general vapor-out-the-nose effect. Or modifying a small thermos
bottle so there is a permanent hole for air escape, and then using
the normal spout to breathe in water vapor condensing off the top
of some LN2.

Much safer and controllable ways.

David writes:
>DEFINITELY not a good idea if you have paranoid Bio Prof's in the
>area or if you don't keep your research dewars clean.
>_*I*_ worry a lot more about bio hazards than cryogenic hazards.
>But - familiarity breeds.
>Gimma nice cool sip of LN2 anytime.
> (Keep your mouth wet, use a styrofoam cup and DON't swallow!!!)
> It WON't crack your teeth - in spite of what Jearl Walker will say)

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