Date: Mon, 02 May 2011 14:39:46

Author: --- "David Sturm"

Subject: Re: Liquid Nitrogen and Ice cream


Another thing to consider: not much is dissolvable in LN2.
"Safety" people think every liquid is like water, the universal solvent.

I usually use clear or white balloons to demonstrate LO2 forming
inside an air-filled balloon immersed in LN2. When I use the party
store Helium tanks (the disposable pink steel tanks), I also see LO2
forming in side a supposedly He-filled balloon. I suspect this is because
they back fill the He with air? Never have that issue with real He

The worst thing I get accumulating in the bottom of dewars is iceballs,
from humidity condensing anytime the caps are off.

Nitrogen will pour through cheesecloth, if you want to "filter" it?

An intriguing question though, Stephen.


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