Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 13:01:15

Author: --- Santos Ramirez

Subject: Re: Help with recent Treasure Chest Find!


The item in photo 2 is a measuring device that was used in an old 1970s
Welch experiment
(ballistic pendulum using a bow and arrow).

Jerry DiMarco wrote:
> Brian,
> Did you get all the equipment identified? I'm still puzzled by
> photos 2, 5 and 6. More detailed photos would be helpful...
> Jerry D
> At 3/29/2011 05:41 PM, you wrote:
>> Hey tappers -
>> I decided to take a day and clean out one of three mystery closets
>> that I have inherited at my new school. Our school has seen 5
>> physics teachers in the past 6 years come through this room, and
>> there is quite a bit of OLD apparatus that I'm not entirely familiar
>> with. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>> This 2D projectile motion on an incline apparatus. It traces the
>> path of a projectile on carbon paper and then students can do some
>> analysis to calculate acceleration and observe that the path is
>> independent of things like the size of the ball or that the path is
>> fairly repeatable.
>> Has anyone used this before? Is it worth getting more to use as a
>> class? I can't seem to find it on the Sargent Welch site, but it
>> seems like it might be useful?
>> Now for everything else - I have a few pictures that I took. Please
>> let me know if you have any information on this apparatus. I'm not
>> sure what to do with all of it.
>> Here's a link to my recent album on Picasa. Either comment directly
>> on the image or shoot me an e-mail back directly - if you know what I
>> can do with these things.
>> Thanks!
>> Brian Huang
>> Overland High School
>> Aurora, CO

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