Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 15:58:09

Author: David Sturm

Subject: Re: Question Speed of Light Experiment


We've been using the PASCO Speed of Light at UMaine since
before 1997. I added a second unit in 2005.

We use an anchored platform on a sidewall, and an anchored
platform for the mirror. We use a room we call the "long lab",
because it's about 20 m long -- although one student once
asked who Dr. Long had been! :)

But we've had no difficulties. We keep the mirror, etc. in the case
when not in use.

I did the Auburn experiment that I think WC described, in the 80s
when I was an undergraduate... so I think the best student
experience would be to do it both ways...

with rotating mirror,
and with a sinusoidally modulated laser.

More c for you and me,

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