Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 15:25:56

Author: Andy Dougherty

Subject: Re: Question Speed of Light Experiment


On Fri, 11 Feb 2011, Paul Nord wrote:

> Also, those lightweight optics benches (aka cart tracks) are great.
> But I'd be surprised if you can easily maintain good alignment between
> that and a distant mirror.

I've used this apparatus with mixed results. It is indeed difficult to
maintain good alignment with the distant mirror. The instructions are
clear and thorough, but it is definitely touchy. This past year, we set
up everything on a pair of optical tables and mounted everything in nice
optical mounts. It was much more stable and easy to align -- much less
frustrating overall. I'm not sure how much the students learned from the
experiment, beyond respect for those pioneers who have done these
experiments before us!

Andy Dougherty
Dept. of Physics
Lafayette College, Easton PA 18042

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