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In the youtube airzooka video - it sure looks like they are using
acetylene or oxygen+acetylene. And they use a map gas torch instead of
a candle.

Chuck Patten wrote:

or try super-chilling the base of the tube to make the mixture more dense
for better range and cohesion of the gas ring...


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Propane in Airzooka

Tilt it until the last second so gas doesn't all escape.
Perhaps add smoke, for easy tracking.

On Mon, 24 Jan 2011, Matt Lowry wrote:

A colleague and I were just testing out our new big smoke-ring cannon,
which works beautifully (thanks for all the advice last spring, btw).
But in the process we wanted to see if we could make flammable
methane-rings, so we sprayed some methane gas into the cannon & fired it
at a lit candle, but the rings didn't flame up. We knew they hit the
candle from the fact that it flickered, and we tried a variety of
proximities but nothing worked.

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