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Hell all,

I tried reversing the rollers and it didn't work. I don't know why but there was no charge buildup. Has anyone done it successfully? Luckily they seem to have the opposite charge from the Winsco VdG so you can play a fun back and forth with them.


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To reverse the polarity of a Van De Graaff generator one can change the belt material, or swap the rollers (i.e. put the top roller on the bottom and the bottom roller on the top) or change the roller material.

I suspect the same is true for the FFS?

Or, it is much easier to use charging by induction to obtain the opposite polarity without making any modification to the FFS at all. Get a good metal object. I use the plates from my home electrophorus:

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On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 8:58 AM, david kardelis > wrote:
Chuck I was thinking the same thing. I bought 6 off the web for about $80. Shipping was a killer but still better than 20 each


On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 6:36 AM, chuck britton > wrote:
I'd like to hack one of these to reverse the polarity.
Any suggestions will be appreciated - I'll report my efforts.

At 8:24 AM -0500 2/9/11, Dick Heckathorn wrote:

I found the Fly by Stick for $5.00 at a store called Five Below. Bought 18 to take to our section meeting.


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Bob Morris suspended the fun fly stick on foam cups and connected each end to large surface electrodes to show that the stick was just a charge pump, since one electrode became negative and the other positive. I think he used a clothes pin to keep the button pressed and the device running.

Plane fare for one might be cheaper than a commando team of grad students. And easier on my wife's peace of mind.


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We use our existing materials for flying fun sticks. Plastic strips and fabric from electrostatics and students cut small pieces of plastic from store bags (we cut them into a squid shape). We have a quick (sometimes long) contest for length of levitation.
Maybe a demo with pvc pipe or other plastic strips would encourage folks to try the more economical version at home if they don't want to spend the money ($25 is still $25).
Probably common, but thought I'd point it out.

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Hi Everyone,

I have been asked to do a session on cheap E&M demonstrations for our sectional AAPT meeting on November 20th. Our lab manager is going to show his stuff on light bulbs and circuits but I thought I might get a half dozen or so FunFlySticks and raffle them off after showing some inexpensive demonstrations with them. These are the ones that came to mind: levitating various objects, determining its charge, propelling a pop can, ping pong for the uncoordinated, Franklin's bells and the electrostatic pinwheel. Do any of you have other suggestions (besides the obvious one of hiring an elite commando unit of grad students to go to Chicago and kidnap Tom and have him do the session)?

There is also supposed to be a planning meeting for the national meeting at Creighton U. at his meeting. I will attend with a particular interest in the Lecture Demonstration Workshop issues. If any of have any other items you would like me to ask about, let me know.


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