Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2011 07:38:32

Author: Cliff Bettis

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Frequency dependence includes very low frequencies so "DC" is relative to
how long you're willing to conduct an experiment. This stuff also applies to
inductance and magnetic permeability susceptibility and hysteresis. Picking
proper core materials for inductors is just as involved and involves the
same kind of frequency issues.


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This is fascinating!! (and confusing!!! - which helps make something
fascinating for me)

We're talking DC here - so the frequency dependence is interesting.

I'm wondering what Phys-L might have to say on these differences
between quartz and soda glass.

At 12:34 PM -0600 2/23/11, Cliff Bettis wrote:
>As I understand it, the difference between quartz and soda glass is in the
>imaginary part of the dielectric constant which accounts for the frequency
>dependence of the material.
>Solid state properties of real materials are complicated. Another
>interesting distinction between soda glass and quartz is the rod that's
>frosted on one end and polished on the other. If you rub both sides with
>silk, you get opposite charges on the soda glass rod but not on the quartz
>glass rod.

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