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Author: Cliff Bettis

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Maybe an easier way to do this would be with an aluminized mylar balloon.
Have an air line connected to it while it rests on an electroscope; charge
it up; then inflate it. As it inflates the electroscope deflection should go
down. Upon deflation, the electroscope should return to its original
deflection (this presumes no charge leaks away while inflating or deflating
the balloon.)


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Anybody do the "Tin Foil Capacitor" demo by Frank Noschese that was
mentioned on page 621 of the Dec. 2010 TPT. Basically you have a roll
of tin foil connected to a electroscope. When you charge the
electroscope and then unroll the tin foil the voltage goes down, and
when you roll it back up the voltage returns to the original value.
My problem when I try to set this up is the voltage leaks off this at
about 1000 V. per minute which make it unusable for me. I have narrowed
it down to the fact that the voltage is leaking directly off the tin
foil. I imagine there is some trick to making this work like the video
that went along with the article but I ain't catching it.
Can somebody clue me in??


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