Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 16:09:18

Author: Anthony Lapinski

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The case would be right outside my room --a planetarium. The hallway is
sort of curved and very wide in this area, so no chance of anyone
accidentally hitting the case.

There are some hallway ceiling lights. Any issues with glass and
reflections from the case? writes:
>I'm sure there are any number of vendors you can find with a simple
>You ABSOLUTELY will need the case to lock.
>Depth will be a function of where you are going to put it and how wide
>corridor is.
>I can see students, unaware that a new case is in place and pehaps deeply
>involved in texting (if such is allowed between classed), walking face
>into the end of the case! I have to dodge students in the hall here with
>their heads down looking at those *&#$ cells.
>Rick (confirmed cellaphobe)
>Richard W. Tarara
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>Saint Mary's College
>Notre Dame, Indiana
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>> Thanks for the suggestion. The cabinet needs to be wood and look nice in
>> our hallway as people walk by. With some horizontal shelves to display
>> some physics gadgets.
>> writes:
>>>Why not talk to your local mega-chain supermarket and ask them where
>>>get their deli or meat counter product display cases? They usually
>have a
>>>robust design that opens from the front so that you can easily change
>>>is displayed. They might even have an old one in a warehouse that has a
>>>refrigeration unit or is excess to their needs or might be if you agree
>>>put a prominent sign on the front thanking them for donating it to your
>>>worthy cause...
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>>>Subject: [tap-l] display case
>>>I teach in the high school and plan to get a hallway display case to
>>>highlight physics. I am wondering if any of you have such a thing and
>>>recommend a case. I want it to be low enough so that our youngest
>>>an have a look. I would also like it to have an outlet/light for any
>>>optics displays. How deep should it be? It will have a security lock.
>>>Cost is really not an issue. Just want something I can easily change
>>>month to show different physics topics, awards, projects, etc.

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