Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2010 12:46:33

Author: chuck britton

Subject: Re: Acrylic color filters


You could print directly onto 'overhead' material?? (and skip the
label step??)

At 8:41 AM -0500 12/4/10, Richard Flarend wrote:
>Here is a cheap idea for making your own acrylic filters:
>Use a color printer and print the colors you want on glossy clear
>adhesive labels. Then stick the labels onto clear acrylic and cut
>out your new custom color filters. I used a laser cutter which gave
>nice circles with smooth edges, and even helped to seal the edge of
>the label to the acrylic so they don't peel.
>I did this after ordering a set of color filter slides and seeing
>how expensive they were compared to how small, junky, and
>non-durable they were, I looked into getting 1/8" thick acrylic
>filters, but that was too expensive. This was really cheap! and
>gave pretty good results.
>The colors could be a little more vivid, and I'm going to experiment
>about that.
>Richard F.