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Author: Cudnik,Brian

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Thanks everyone. I met with the teacher with whom we will work and she
gave this link to another website:

I will also look into any prohibitions on using GPS in balloons as was
hinted at in one of the other e-mails. I will also look at what others
have used including the natrium site above, and talk with the team at
the middle school we are working with.

Brian Cudnik

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Two contacts:
Dr. Flaaten
Dr. Seifert
Both do a lot of ballooning in MN. I sent one up with Dr Flaaten and
spoke separately with Dr Seifert. Both good guys. Went to college with
Paul Seifert. They both use different data collection systems. Flaaten
uses a system called HOBO (like vernier, pasco...) Seifert uses Basic
Stamp (if I remember correctly).

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Here are two links that might help:

On Dec 7, 2010, at 11:00 AM, Cudnik,Brian wrote:

> Greetings all-
> We have the opportunity to work with a local middle school to send a
weather balloon, equipped with a camera, into the stratosphere. They
would like for it to return the same type of data as a standard weather
balloon (e.g. the ones launched daily at 0h UT and 12h UT) as well as
take pictures and video of the ascent. I remember a discussion on this
list earlier this year, but I am having difficulty pinpointing it in the
archives. Does anyone remember when this discussion was had and where I
can get the information on how their device was constructed? In the
meantime I will continue to search Tap-L and the Web for more
> Thanks in advance, Brian Cudnik
> Specialist, Laboratory, Department of Physics, Prairie View A&M
University (TX)