Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 12:18:27

Author: Paul Doherty

Subject: Re: bicycle wheel gyroscope


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Paul Doherty

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> I made ours. I was unhappy (years ago) with the old Cenco bicycle
> wheel. It was an ordinary bike wheel with two handles, and the
> central shaft bent where it attached to the handles. I went to the
> local bicycle shop and purchased a wheel with a Phil brand hub.
> Instead of the internal shaft, it is two ball bearing units with an
> open hole through the center (1/2 inch, I believe). I had our
> machinist make a shaft out of solid bar stock, half inch to go
> through the phil hub plus an inch out the other side then threaded,
> 3/4 inch on the other end. Then he made a second 3/4 inch handle
> that fit over and threaded onto the shaft. The same thing could
> have been done with a 1/2 inch shaft and two locking collars.
> For the wheel, I wrapped 1/4 inch lead "wire" from the marine store
> around the rim, then put on a regular tube and wheel. It has worked
> great for years.
> Also made a box stand that the wheel can sit in, with two
> semicircular notches in the top. This not only stores our motor and
> a piece of rope, it also is a solid place to hold it when we spin
> it up and after use to spin down without making skid marks on the
> floor that the custodian really doesn't like.
> Bill A.
> Dear Colleagues
> I'd like a few more bicycle wheel gyroscopes (we just have the one
> which is fine for demo purposes but creates a real bottleneck for
> hands-on work with students).
> (1) Favorite suppliers?
> (2) Plans or resources for making our own, and estimated costs?
> As always, thanks in advance.
> sincerely,
> Krishna
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