Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2010 09:19:01

Author: Ann Reagan

Subject: Re: Simple Rail Gun


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I do the same with a simple gadget from SciSupply:

The device comes with its own permanent magnets, with markings to show the =
(vector) direction of the magnetic field. Add to this color-coding of the =
wires coming from the + or - side of the power source, and it makes a nice =
classroom demo for "right-hand-rule-challenged" EM students. Also, lower =
power requirements (due to larger magnet) remove the issues of pitting and =
spot-welding of the rails.

Ann Reagan

Dr. Ann M. Reagan
Adjunct Faculty
Department of Math/Physics/Engineering
College of Southern Maryland, Leonardtown Campus

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Dr. Ann M. ReaganAdju=
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Southern Maryland, Leonardtown Campus


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