Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 18:06:58

Author: chuck britton

Subject: Re: 20A DC power supply ideas


Not smooth DC - certainly.
Works well for B-field demos..

I hung a few big electrolytic caps on the output to smooth things a
bit - but compass deflection is not affected by 120 Hz chop.

Can't beat the price and convenience for a brute force DC source.
At 1:31 PM +0200 11/17/10, Simcha Segev wrote:
>Chuck and all,
>Car battery chargers may supply up to 20A but usually the DC is with a great
>ripple. As the current is higher, the ripple and noise are huge and this
>become more AC then DC.
>Bill, the HP 6264B costs 10 times more then you wrote i.e 1200$ and up. If
>you have a better price proposal, please inform us.

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