Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 00:26:13

Author: Donald Lynch

Subject: Re: Poisson's spot


We use a half inch diameter ball bearing.

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Subject: [tap-l] Poisson's spot

So I tried to photograph this today and came up with this shot,

While the spot is definitely there, I was disappointed with the radial lines. I thought I would see concentric lines. This shot is with a push pin. I later shot with a BB glued to a microscope slide and saw the same thing (minus the needle on the bottom). Also, this shot was with a red pen laser dispersed through a pasco concave 72mm lens. For the BB shot I used a Helium Neon laser and the same lens and similar results.

Has anybody successfully photographed this before? If so, HELP.

Have a good weekend all.

NC State

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