Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 15:08:48

Author: David Maiullo

Subject: Re: Demo safety PIRA committee


Hi Jerry,

Yes, in writing my book we included safety guidelines for general demo
use, and these could be looked at and adapted as a general warning if
that would be appropriate.

I am also a bit leery of a "danger" ranking, as that could lead to what
you suggest. It also begs the comparison of the "Beware of Dog"
sign....people who hang the sing on their house are more liable to
getting sued if their dog bites someone, as it is an acknowledgment that
they know their dog is dangerous (!)....the same reasoning could be used
for "dangerous" demos, and it may be a way to increase liability if
something does happen when using one of them in class.


Jerry Hester wrote:
> Hi David,
> Perhaps it would be better to think in terms of a set of guidelines
> and warnings for the safe use of demos.
> I include foot switches, gloves, goggles, etc. with both verbal and
> written warnings and instructions for many demos.
> A danger ranking would almost guarantee a class of demos being outlawed.
> Jerry H.
> At 02:05 PM 8/16/2010, you wrote:
>> Hi Stephen,
>> Funny you should mention this, and it's also interesting that one of
>> our first (major) accidents is in using H and H/O balloons,
>> something I never thought of as an area of concern. Certain inherent
>> danger, of course, but I had never heard of trouble with these till
>> now. The discussion about these and the cause of the spark/explosion
>> has certainly been interesting.
>> I was actually hoping we could make an effort and produce some
>> guidelines for laser pointer safety. They seem to getting more
>> powerful each day and it's gong to take only one case of laser
>> pointer blindness to keep them out of the classrooms. And I'd hate
>> to lose them as a teaching tool, as they are great in many
>> experiments & demos when used carefully.
>> ~Dave/RU
>> Irons, Stephen wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I wonder if perhaps we might try and get out ahead of the
>>> repercussions (if any) from Dale's accident and form a subcommittee
>>> (Perhaps part of the DCS committee) and evaluate some of our more
>>> popular demos for safety. A rating system perhaps? I'm a little
>>> ambivalent because I believe the best protection is a good
>>> understanding of what you're doing. But even the best of us can make
>>> mistakes or be lulled into a sense of security because nothing has
>>> ever happened doing things the same old way.
>>> Other potential side effects is administrations might then just
>>> proclaim an entire class of demos off limits, rather than perhaps
>>> just banning one or two.
>>> What do you all think?
>>> -Stephen.