Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2010 07:33:03

Author: Cliff Bettis

Subject: Re: Use for dead HeNe Lasers?



Give 9B62.11 a go. You might have to try a couple of defunct lasers to find
one that works and alignment is a little fussy but it the various lasing
modes you see as the exciting laser warms up and slightly changes frequency
is very neat.


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Subject: [tap-l] Use for dead HeNe Lasers?

Is there anything useful one can do with a "dead" HeNe laser? I have
one just so folks can see the insides, but I recall reading once that if
the tube is still intact and has a good seal, then somehow one can shine
a working HeNe laser into the "dead" one to show something. Does this
ring a bell to anyone? Thanks.
Adam Beehler