Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2010 14:14:19

Author: Steve Lindaas

Subject: Re: Demo Accident at U of I


Wow. Dale, Best wishes for a full recovery!

Sam (et al.) thanks for the updates. It is good to hear that Dale is
okay. I too am curious as to the cause. We use H2 and H2/O2
balloons frequently. I have loaded them in my mini-van to transport
to local elementary schools. I have never had a problem. It would
be good to know if and how we need to modify our safety protocols.

- Steve

On Aug 12, 2010, at 10:42 AM, Sam Sampere wrote:

> I spoke with Dale this morning and he's pretty jovial and
> essentially unharmed. He's wearing plastic contacts to prevent his
> eyelids from rubbing on his corneas, so he cannot see too well.
> Those contacts blur his vision. Anyway, he can't see the computer
> screen because of them. He's a very fortunate guy - this could have
> been disastrous.
> Sam
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> It wouldn't take much of an H2 leak in a closed vehicle to get an
> explosive concentration build up.
> Helium leaks slowly out thru rubber balloons. H2 also?
> Pinprick sized leaks aren't uncommon.
> As the article said - protocols will be examined.
> Wishing everyone the best.
> Stay safe - and keep the faith.
> At 9:56 AM -0500 8/12/10, Cliff Bettis wrote:
>> Dave,
>> I helped him load that van about ten days ago, and I think that
>> side door
>> has circuitry in it that could generate a spark. It certainly
>> hasn't beenr
>> dry in our part of the world as the dew points have been in the
>> upper 70s
>> lately.
>> Cliff
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>> Arrgghhh, really lousy news that this happened. JZ, he already had
>> problems with hearing due to years on the combine/tractors, but an
>> explosion like this couldn't help, especially in such close
>> proximity. A
>> blown out window on his vehicle is an indication of the extensive
>> force
>> of this blast....hopefully, he's not severely burned, and, if he's
>> coming back to work next week, I'm hoping this means he won't have
>> any
>> permanent damage.
>> Chele, like you I'd like to know he's OK, but you may want to wait on
>> the call. His getting back to Ramesh's text so quickly is an
>> indication
>> he's up and around, but I'm betting he'll also be checking email
>> soon,
>> and he can let us all know the particulars, if he'd like to,
>> then. In
>> other words, I'd give him and Kathy some time/privacy. But I
>> won't be
>> upset if you do ignore my advice and tell us how he is!
>> This also leads to a few questions:
>> Anyone else ever have a spontaneous explosion of H or H & O balloons?
>> I've had these balloons pop before using them in a show, but
>> never, ever
>> explode......and being an Iowa summer, it couldn't have been dry,
>> which
>> also seems to indicate an electrostatic spark wasn't the cause.
>> Pretty
>> odd. I'm curious what Dale thinks was the cause.
>> Hopefully, this won't lead to some type of safety "witch hunt"
>> amongst
>> University fire and safety people...they already harass me
>> enough. Of
>> course, one incident is one too many, and if this had happened
>> with kids
>> or an audience involved, the repercussions would/could be far worse.
>> And I know the usual knee jerk reaction is just to say, "can't use
>> 'em".
>> Dale, feel better soon, my friend......we need ya.
>> Dave/RU
>> Zani, Gerald wrote:
>>> Oh Lord.
>>> Not Dale.
>>> I'm thinking that he has at least permanent damage to the ears.
>>> And likely worse.
>>> It will all depend on the details.
>>> - J
>>> On Thu, Aug 12, 2010 at 9:20 AM, Gabe Alba
>>> >> > wrote:
>>> Thanks Stephen. I sure hope Dale is alright. If the report is
>>> correct that he's been released from the hospital, then he
>>> probably is; just in a lot of pain I would imagine.
>>> I look forward to his letting us know.
>>> Gabe (Rutgers)
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>>> On Aug 12, 2010, at 1:29, "Irons, Stephen"
>>> >> > wrote:
>>>> This came up on my google news page. Apparently Dale was injured
>>> in an H2 and O2 balloon accident. If anyone knows how he's
>>> doing,
>>> let us know. And Dale, I hope you are ok.
>> staffer-inju
>> red-in-balloon-explosion
>>>> Stephen.