Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2010 10:36:05

Author: David Sturm

Subject: Re: Demo Accident at U of I


It seems the newsmedia in Iowa uploaded Dale's incident to AP, so you
may find the story appearing in local papers.

When the media gets something, and when folks can comment,
the sheer amount of lack of knowledge about science is telling.

For what it's worth, I thought we might want to see the truck,
which many of us are familiar with seeing from previous meetings:

An unpleasant reminder that we never know what will go unexpectedly
until it does. I wondered previously if perhaps using small lecture bottles
is an alternative? I know getting the percentage mixes of H2 to O2 on
the road could be challenging. I've only ever done H2 balloons, so I
don't have the experience some of you have with H2/O2.

However, I certainly travel with 30L dewars of LN2, and although
not flammable, I know that if it were to tip in a closed vehicle,
perhaps the pressure would also cause the inside safety glass to
break. I always leave a 1" opening on the passenger side window
because of that. The question, is would even that have helped?

Wish we were all closer in distance -- many of us would have
gladly stepped in to help you Dale!! Perhaps we visit some of
the websites and news agencies posting the news and address
any number of the articles where comments are being made,
and address the scientific issues, etc.


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