Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2010 11:17:33

Author: Physics Demo Room UofO

Subject: Missing Equipment After AAPT Meeting!


Hi All,

We loaned, among other things, our Van de Graff Generator and
discharge ball for the PIRA demonstration workshops, and our
discharge ball disappeared afterwards. I looked in the PSU demo room
and could not find it. Someone may have accidentally packed it up
with their own things. Funnily enough, it may have been us that
shipped the boxes away. The discharge ball is on, I believe, a black
plastic rod and has a red wire with a spade attachment for grounding
to the VDG (as opposed to a banana plug). We'd appreciate folks that
brought items to the PIRA workshops to take a quick look through
their EM gadgets for us. Thanks!

Stan and Ben