Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 21:15:47

Author: --- "Tom Gill"

Subject: Re: Logger Pro video analysis question


One option would be re-encode the video at 60 fps. A program I use for this
is called "super" by erightsoft. It's free, but a hassle to get. The
direct link is

I haven't tried going from 300 fps to 60 fps, but just tried 30 fps to 3 fps
and it still worked nicely in Logger Pro.

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Subject: [tap-l] Logger Pro video analysis question

> Our good friends at Vernier finally took my suggestion and added a manual
> setting for video frame rate. Many thanks for that!
> Is there a way to skip frames in the analysis? I've got a video from my
> new camera taken at 300 FPS. This is far too much information for a
> simple projectile. I'd like to skip every 5 frames. Is there an easy way
> to do that?
> Paul