Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 13:31:31

Author: Thomas Greenslade

Subject: Re: Need help with repair of an Ealing Air table


Take a look at the following note:

Thomas B. Greenslade, Jr., "An Inverted Air Table", The Physics Teacher,
_27_, 490-491 (1989)

This has complete information for building the system -- once you
bought the two pucks from Daedalon. Bud Brown of Daedelon, who many of
your met at his booth at the two national meetings each year, was
perfectly happy to sell just the pucks -- the rest is just plumbing and
a little air compressor.

I remember very well where I got the latex tubing. I had been in the
hospital for some minor outpatient surgery, and when it was over, I
asked for the plastic tubing that had been attached to me. The surgeon,
a friend of mine, smiled, and gave it to me. Beyond that, biologist and
chemists use this tubing.

Tom Greenslade

George Collison wrote:
> Hi,
> The table is the kind with the latex tubes, heavy masses and glass top.
> The latex is old and will no longer take the pressure from the
> compressor. The tubes leak.
> Did anybody face this problem and how did they solve it?
> George
> Beverly High Physics.

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