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Author: Simcha Segev

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Dave, just to add to what Gabe wrote, I think that some of your activities
is drinking beer in NY pub's....while demonstrate Physics nonsense...and
laying on bed of nails in new York sidewalks.

Greetings to all, Simcha

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You most certainly don't put your feet up and sleep all day. You're
at the gym or running on the track all day.


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On May 6, 2010, at 12:03 PM, David Maiullo wrote:

> That's right, we never do any demos here at RU.....must've been my
> imagination. I just put my feet up and sleep all day. Now if I
> could just purchase that new comfy chair and pillow....
> ;-)
> Dave/RU
> Andrew Yue wrote:
>> Urs - I was showing off the MIT demo web pages to someone just
>> yesterday.
>> For what it is worth - last year we had a Chinese lecturer teaching
>> here who earned a doctorate from Rutgers and claimed that they did
>> not do demos.
>> So, I ask Dave when I saw him whether he had heard of this person.
>> He had not.
>> My take was that this individual did little to acquaint themselves
>> with the demo offerings at Rutgers.
>>> Apparently one professor from the theoretical department who
>>> transferred to us from MIT a few years back stated that the MIT
>>> has long ago stopped to use demonstration experiments as parts of
>>> their curriculum in physics to enhance the field with a more
>>> theoretical approach right from the beginning.
>>> Urs
>> A minor rant with regards to the value of demonstrations - a new
>> generation of faculty are coming up the ranks and truthfully it is
>> our job to show them the value of live demonstrations - which can
>> be a tough sell to some computer-oriented theorists.
>> A second not so minor rant - I do not know about Europe, but here
>> in the US budgets are tight. A full-fledged physics demo office
>> occupies valuable real estate and our salaries are not $8.50 an hour.
>> There are competing interests that will gladly re-purpose both our
>> lab space and our salaries for pet projects - one of which is the
>> discovery/inquiry-base learning fans, who are very political and
>> have gained some considerable influence in my department.