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Similarly it would be much higher in areas where lead is produced. Perhaps
it is directly linked to consumption of McDonald's Fast food instead? Or
watching and listening to Michael Moore's American hating movies. Or
excessive tree hugging. Or too many illegal immigrants, from European


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I'm glad you agree with me that there are natural methods that lead leaves
the atmosphere. I have never meant to imply that it isn't dangerous or bad
or that it shouldn't be avoided.

I won't accept that a violent crime curve in the US proves crime causality
by lead. There are too many other factors. Also, how does this correlate
with other countries, the affect should be universal if it exists.

>>>Also in the U.S., a statistically significant correlation has been found
between the use of TEL and violent crime: taking into account a 22-year time
lag, the violent crime curve virtually tracks the lead exposure curve.[5]
After the ban on TEL, blood lead levels in U.S. children dramatically

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