Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 14:55:57

Author: Jack Boparai

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When we moved 6 years ago into a remodeled building, every item that was
going to be moved was labeled and mapped out on a sheet. I gave the sheet to
the movers who put them at the right spot at the new location (right
orientation, spacing from the walls etc). The move was through the buildings
on the hallways. So it was not that bad. Delicate items (ultra-high vacuum
equipment, muon detector, chemicals, etc) were taken care of by myself. I
considered that labeling and mapping out in great detail before moving was
the key to the success of the move. Another one I learned during the move
was that it was the best time to pitch the old, unused items. It lightened
up the move. Even though it looked like we have plenty of space after the
move, today we are in need of more space. It is nice you have plenty of
shelf space. You will enjoy the fruits of your labor long time after the
move. Good luck and best wishes on your move! Jack

P.S.: Thanks to Keith Warren of NCSU for clearing up my subscription to
Tap_L. Changes in email address bounced off my posting and delay this

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Your own office? Damn, you guys have it cushy in Nebraska....

25 years at RU and I've never had my own office...or a window, for that

Congrats on the new digs....hope the move is smooth!


Cliff Bettis wrote:
> Next Monday, I begin the move to our new Physics building. I am really
> excited. I think I have designed a Lecture Room/ Lecture Demo layout
> that is going to work really well. I have already designed in the
> storage locations for every piece of equipment on the compact shelving
> according to DCS numbers. I have left lots of space for new equipment
> and expansion. The carpenters were busy working on the fixed lecture
> tables when I last looked in on lecture halls. My rolling tables are
> being built in my shop, and I am almost done packing up my office. I
> got the University to spring for a couple of kilo-bucks worth of
> plastic bins and plastic boxes. My only carp is that I have seen
> bigger walk-in closets than my new office but the layout of my
> work/prep area makes up for that.
> I'll bring pictures to the Summer meeting.
> Cliff

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