Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 16:43:16

Author: David Maiullo

Subject: Re: Moving Day



Your own office? Damn, you guys have it cushy in Nebraska....

25 years at RU and I've never had my own office...or a window, for that

Congrats on the new digs....hope the move is smooth!


Cliff Bettis wrote:
> Next Monday, I begin the move to our new Physics building. I am really
> excited. I think I have designed a Lecture Room/ Lecture Demo layout
> that is going to work really well. I have already designed in the
> storage locations for every piece of equipment on the compact shelving
> according to DCS numbers. I have left lots of space for new equipment
> and expansion. The carpenters were busy working on the fixed lecture
> tables when I last looked in on lecture halls. My rolling tables are
> being built in my shop, and I am almost done packing up my office. I
> got the University to spring for a couple of kilo-bucks worth of
> plastic bins and plastic boxes. My only carp is that I have seen
> bigger walk-in closets than my new office but the layout of my
> work/prep area makes up for that.
> Iíll bring pictures to the Summer meeting.
> Cliff

From Mon Apr 26 17:21:44 2010