Date: Fri Mar 26 13:05:00 2010

Author: Marc \ Zeke\" Kossover"

Subject: Re: cheap spectrum lamp


From: chuck britton

>To get the GFI protection one would have to have one hand
> firmly grasping a cold water pipe (or other EXTERNAL ground) when touching the
> device.

That's not true. GFI are explicitly designed for situations where the person is not thoroughly grounded.

Let's imagine that a person is poorly connected to the earth so that they have a very large resistance. That might not set off the GFI since it needs a few milliamps of current difference to be activated, but then the person will only have a few milliamps of current flowing through him or her.

If they have a low enough resistance to get more than a few milliamps through them, then they will set off the GFI and the circuit will be interrupted.

On the other hand, if you grab both electrodes and are well insulated from the ground, you might in fact truly kill yourself. That's why I covered the electrodes with shrink wrap over the whole bit that is inserted. And I put the blast shield in front of it to keep someone from grabbing the pickle.

Zeke Kossover