Date: Wed Feb 3 12:02:24 2010

Author: Dale E. Stille

Subject: Re: Wireless camera



Tried all 4 channels. No go. Camera is set right as it works
elsewhere....just not where the receivers are.


Sam Sampere wrote:
> Any chance the channel on the camera/receiver got switched? My x-10s still work with the wireless. There's a wireless hub in the auditorium right up front where all the demos are.
> Sam
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> Subject: [tap-l] Wireless camera
> Tappers,
> Apparently I am looking for a new wireless camera. The old X10 camera
> wireless camera I have had for years ceased to work when the university
> installed wireless internet in our lecture room last month. Nothing but
> interference is picked up in those classrooms now.
> Anyone have a suggestion for a wireless camera that will work in that
> environment.
> Dale
> U of Iowa