Date: Sun Nov 1 20:24:12 2009

Author: chuck britton

Subject: Re: Construction of 6 volt battery


Here's the link

DEFINITELY NOT a major brand battery.

For decades I have always told my students and (anyone else who would
listen (!)) to never buy a battery that isn't 'alkaline - no matter
HOW cheap it is.

Heavy Duty (the ones in this video)
Industrial Strength
Contractor Grade
Long Lasting

none of these mean a thing if it ain't alkaline.

DuraCell et al. may end up doing the same thing but I'll wager the
AA's won't end up any cheaper than the same AA's at a discount store.
(But I'm always ready to be amazed)

At 7:44 PM -0500 11(1(2009, Dick Heckathorn wrote:
>I just received a file with an attachment titled
>Batteries.wmv (2MXB).
>It shows cutting the top off a 6 volt battery and
>out pops 32 1.5 AA batteries.
>Is such a 6-volt battery constructed in this
>A clear view is not shown of the inside of the
>battery before the 32 batteries fall out.
>I can email the attachment to anyone who wishes to
>see the file.