Date: Tue Nov 17 17:28:53 2009

Author: Bernard Cleyet

Subject: Re: Unknown Electrostatic Machine


You perhaps mean a Marx generator?

A student at a recent Monterey County Science Faire built one to
power his x-ray tube.

bc thinks a view of the electrical connections to the modules would
be helpful.

Perhaps more likely this one, as I don't see any spark gaps:

On 2009, Nov 17, , at 10:29, Zani, Gerald wrote:

> Maybe a Mach generator?
> If so, you should not use it because it could be almost lethal. - j
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> Subject: [tap-l] Unknown Electrostatic Machine
> I have acquired some type of electrostatic machine but am not yet sure
> of its function. Here is a link to some pictures I took of it. Any
> help would be appreciated. Thanks!
> Adam Beehler