Date: Sun Nov 1 19:44:12 2009

Author: Dick Heckathorn

Subject: Construction of 6 volt battery



I just received a file with an attachment titled
Batteries.wmv (2MXB).

It shows cutting the top off a 6 volt battery and
out pops 32 1.5 AA batteries.

Is such a 6-volt battery constructed in this

A clear view is not shown of the inside of the
battery before the 32 batteries fall out.

I can email the attachment to anyone who wishes to
see the file.


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Dick and Krishna,

Hi! I certainly understand you might prefer the
advantages of
self-publishing the videos.

However, as the PIRA webmaster, let me encourage
you to simply upload the
videos to the PIRA Filesharing site here
php, where they will be
accessible to anyone on web without logging in or
creating an account.

I would be happy to work with Krishna to solve any
difficulties he has
creating an account to upload the videos. I would
be happy to create a new
public gallery on the site, which would be
dedicated exclusively to these
videos. We could choose whatever name you like
for the gallery.

I have the videocassette versions; they would be
an awesome addition to the
PIRA filesharing site.


Michael Thomason
Director of Physics Learning Laboratories
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Subject: [tap-l] Demonstrations in Acoustics


We are running out of the stock of DVDs that we
got in 2004. Rather than
obtain a new stock, which requires a significant
investment of money that
we don't have, we have decided to put the entire
contents on the web and
let people watch them and download them as they

Krishna, an undergraduate physics student who is
copied on this e-mail, is
working on the programming at this end.

We are working on a system to do this, and will
likely have it up early
next week. I will put out an announcement on
tap-l at that time.

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